Everything you need to manage your employees and independent contractors in a customized virtual briefcase

user-friendly cloud
User-friendly cloud-based design

global team
Manage your remote and onsite teams with ease

Have your team sign their contracts electronically

Affordable pricing to fit every budget

From Onboarding to end-of-contract or end-of-employment (and beyond):
  • Onboard for optimal engagement
  • Keep records confidential, safe, and secure
  • Issue & sign contracts and agreements that won’t get lost
  • Track skills and expertise
  • Manage credentials, work, and projects
  • Search and run reports with one click
  • Update contact information with employee self-service
  • Receive updated resume, bio, and other information
  • Access all software you and your employees use, in one place
  • Provide a recent photograph for your reference and marketing
... and much, much more.

See all of your people in one view

Looks and works great on your desktop, laptop, handheld, or phone

Drill down and view documents for a specific person

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