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  • I am amazed at ProfHire's mentoring efforts and involvement at each stage of the hiring process. The ProfHire Team has enabled me to be an Adjunct Faculty through their simple, thorough, persistent, and effective approach of linking my educational and professional background with the specific needs of the hiring Managers. I would highly recommend the ProfHire to any person seeking Adjunct Professor opportunities.

    Kasia F., Ph.D.,
      Part-time Faculty

  • I instantly loved what your company does. I have many friends who have asked me how they can also get into teaching part-time. My journey was 5 years long and very tricky...But your company seems to solve that problem.

    Ken B., MBA,
      Part-time Faculty

  • From my first interaction with ProfHire I realized the company was fully committed to offering the highest level of service to its clients. The University hiring manager contacted me, and I was hired on the same day. It's been eight weeks since I was hired. I am grateful for the awesome opportunity that ProfHire provided me. I would love to land another awesome opportunity like this again with ProfHire.

    Lauren V., M.B.A., D.B.A.
      Part-time Faculty

  • Working with ProfHire has been a very good and easy approach to our part-time faculty hiring. The process yielded a diverse pool of qualified candidates in a relatively short time. ProfHire’s understanding of the higher ed faculty market and opportunities was refreshing and very professional.

    Mary O., Ed.D.,

  • ProfHire is a brilliant solution to the difficult, ongoing search for qualified adjuncts. The service is remarkably efficient, and checks potential adjunct out so well, you much more than our usual haphazard last-minute search provides. I’ve been able to get ideal instructors every time I put in a request. I highly recommend the service. It’s a wonder something like this hasn’t been created before this time! Dr. Lesa Hammond and her team are outstanding.

    Meg J., Ph.D. R.N., C.W.P.
      Department Chair


Colleges & Universities

Each college and university has its own needs, its own culture and its own teaching requirements. Does your current process for hiring part-time faculty align with your institution’s unique needs? The process is often inefficient, ineffective, and fragmented. You have to use multiple resources to find the right person. Do you use job boards, ads, word-of-mouth, applicant tracking systems and maybe even cumbersome internal processes? With ProfHire you will find the right adjunct, at the right time, all in one place.

Part-time Faculty

If you are seeking a part-time faculty position, you bring your unique experience, your personal reasons, and your desired outcomes. Maybe you spent years learning the best practices of your field and want to share those with up and coming professionals, or you are putting your education to work by teaching others what you have learned. If a part-time teaching job fits into your schedule and your plans for the future, our process allows you to share your uniqueness and stand out as the right candidate for the right college or university.


With ProfHire you save time, save money, hire smart, and improve your results. Our comprehensive and scalable solution helps busy administrators attract, hire, onboard, and retain high quality part-time faculty. Using data analytics, the online platform quickly identifies pre-screened candidates that meet your organization’s criteria. We offer candidates the opportunity to submit one profile, one time, and be found by multiple institutions. We are adding many features, including onboarding assistance and professional development.

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