Institutional Leadership

Institutional Leadership

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You made the strategic decision to hire adjuncts to teach many of your courses. Adjunct faculty provide more flexibility as you are building new courses. They can bring practical experience into the classroom. They also help to reduce instructional costs.


When a part-time faculty strategy is implemented without a strategic process for acquiring, onboarding, and managing their employment, you risk financial loss:
  • Additional staff to manage the increase in faculty and the rapid turnover processes
  • Poor hiring, resulting in negative press, a decline in reputation, and more time and money wasted to address the issues
  • Returned tuition and accreditation problems due to unqualified or poor quality faculty and valid student complaints
  • Increased legal fees to manage student and faculty issues
  • Compliance violations that can be costly

You could be saving more

Save Time
An intuitive system that allows part-time faculty, academic administration, and staff access to the information and resources they need in one place reduces unnecessary workload.
Save Money
A properly implemented adjunct faculty strategy is essential to the overall success of your strategic plan, innovation and growth, continuous improvement, and/or program development efforts.
Peace of Mind
If your compliance matters are automated and there are fewer faculty complaints, you can gain some peace of mind.

We can help your institution implement adjunct faculty policies and procedures that support your strategic initiatives and ensure the quality learning experience your students seek and deserve.

With Prof360, you can save time, save money, and have peace of mind when it comes to your adjunct faculty.

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