Our Mission

We support higher education and learning organizations by providing time-saving, user-friendly solutions, allowing faculty and administrators the time and space to focus on educating tomorrow's leaders.

Our Core Values

Students First

We believe that the student experience is enhanced by a diversity of highly qualified instructors. We help educational institutions provide the highest quality of education to students by providing quality faculty and system support.

Respect, Collaboration, and Synergy

We believe that the whole can definitely be greater than the sum of the parts and we commit to creating a process, system, and environment where synergy happens. Prof360 has a co-founding team with complementary skills and styles. We nurture a culture of mutual respect and harmony and promote this culture in all our interactions.


As a woman and minority founded organization, we genuinely value diversity. We know that bringing together a diverse group of smart and committed people builds and sustains a stronger company. This is why we actively recruit faculty from underrepresented demographic groups.


We value honest communication and seek to foster openness in our actions and our responses. This is important internally and with our education partners and service providers.

A Resource for Faculty

A good match is two-sided. Synergy between faculty and their departments can only enhance the student experience. Founded by educators, Prof360 aims to place faculty in positions that support their goals as educators and professionals.


We believe in forming partnerships with other companies / organizations that share aligned values and provide quality services to their customers. By partnering with these organizations we are able to enhance our offerings.

Our Commitments

To Higher Education

We believe in higher education and its power to change the world and change the lives of its students. We are committed to do our part to assist in the transformative nature of higher education.

To Lifelong Learning

We believe in lifelong learning and we support lifelong learners. We believe that learning empowers and produces necessary change. As individuals and as a company we commit to continue to learn and grow. We know that teaching can be a lifelong passion and we support faculty of all ages in finding worthwhile teaching opportunities.

To Innovation/Creativity

We know that creativity and innovation are the key to advancement. We are committed to providing unique solutions to common problems combining the latest technology with diverse experience.

To Diversity in Recruitment

Prof360's commitment to diversity goes beyond internal hiring practices. Prof360 actively recruits faculty from underrepresented demographic groups. By helping academic institutions better reflect the diversity of their student bodies, Prof360 empowers schools to better retain students from all backgrounds.

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