Save time, Save effort, and Save money.
Reduce your time to hire by as much as 80%.


The fastest and easiest way to find qualified part-time faculty.
With ProfHire you can find qualified adjunct faculty in minutes with all of their documentation and information for you to interview and hire. The process of hiring part-time faculty is often inefficient and fragmented. If you are currently using job boards, ads, word-of-mouth, applicant tracking systems and maybe even cumbersome internal processes, with ProfHire you will find the right adjuncts, at the right time, all in one place. We make finding and hiring qualified part-time faculty easy.
We actively recruit to maintain a diverse pool of candidates.


Seamlessly manage the process of getting your faculty onboarded.
In many colleges and universities, part-time faculty are hired and terminate at a rate 10-times that of other faculty and staff. Attempting to use the same processes that you use for full-time, core, or tenure-track faculty does not work very well. You need an onboarding process that is designed to meet the unique nature of part-time faculty.


"Prof360 has proven to be an invaluable partner in both our adjunct and core faculty hiring. In fact, one of the adjunct faculty whom we hired was so exceptional that we asked him to become a program chair, and he has been doing a great job! The collaborative working relationship that I have with Drs. Hammond and Leonhardt is truly outstanding. They are relentless in pursuing the best possible candidates to meet your requirements. I am confident that I can always depend on Prof360 to meet our academic hiring needs."
~ Alvin McLean, Jr., Ph.D.
Associate Dean
John F. Kennedy University

"In looking to hire professors, we seek people with outstanding credentials: highest educational degrees, top academic and professional experience, and notable publications. Our search to find the qualified professors with such credentials has become much easier with the help of Prof360."
~ Amal Mougharbel, Ph.D.
Department Chair, Business Administration
International Technological University

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