Our Mission

Prof360 is a small business enterprise specializing in part-time faculty and subject matter experts. Prof360 provides time-saving, user-friendly academic staffing and administrative solutions using the latest in technology for colleges, universities, and educational organizations; allowing them the time and space to focus on educating, training, servicing and bringing out the best in their students, customers and clients.

Corporate Responsibility

Prof360 supports educational organizations so they can be their best for their students, faculty, staff, and the global community. Our core values guide us in our work. We are committed to impacting the communities where we live and serve in a positive way and integrating integrity, inclusivity and environmental responsibility into everything we do.

Our Core Values


We believe the best solutions simplify work and life. Creativity and innovation are the keys to advancement. We are committed to providing unique solutions to common problems combining the latest technology with user-friendly design.

Respect and Collaboration

We believe that the whole can definitely be greater than the sum of its parts and we commit to creating processes, systems, and environments where synergy happens. Prof360 has a co-founding team with complementary skills and styles. We nurture a culture of mutual respect and harmony and seek to promote this culture in all our interactions.


As a woman and minority founded organization, we genuinely value diversity. We know that bringing together a diverse group of smart and committed people builds and sustains a stronger company. This is why we actively recruit for and value diversity of all types.


We value honest communication and seek to foster openness in our actions and our responses. This is important to us internally and with our customers and service providers.

Environmental Impact

We believe in contributing to a sustainable future. We believe that office technology can have a positive impact on the environment, from saving trees and reducing waste, to eliminating clutter and creating efficiencies that empower people with the tools they need when they need them.


We believe in forming partnerships with companies / organizations that share aligned values and provide quality services to their customers. By partnering with these organizations we are able to enhance our offerings.

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