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Entrepreneurship | Advice and Guides | PRESENTED BY Prof360

Predictions for 2022

Our CEO, Lesa Hammond attempts to flex her psychic muscle and predict 10 trends that will affect small businesses in 2022. Track her soothsaying ability as the year progresses.

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Recruiting and Hiring | Best Practices | PRESENTED BY Prof360

What Paperwork Do I Need to Give a New Hire

When hiring a new employee, there are things you must report, things you must keep available for inspection, and things you must simply give the new hire. Many small business owners aren’t fully aware of what new hire paperwork is required and it does vary some from state-to-state and some cities, parishes, or counties have their own regulations regarding documentation for and of newly hired personnel. It is best to check with your local business development office or chamber of commerce to understand the requirements in your area. In this article, I will share the things required in every state.

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Employee: Management | Best Practices | PRESENTED BY Prof360

Why You Should Respond to Unemployment Claims

Responding to unemployment claims is important. You must respond to challenge the claim. Decisions can be made in your favor without your response, but if you don’t respond, the adjudicator (person who decides) is relying only on the word of the person who filed the claim. Sometimes the adjudicator isn’t given the full story, or even anything that resembles the truth.

Many small business owners do not understand unemployment, how it works, who pays for it, and how it impacts your bottom line. Unlike Social Security, Medicare, or State Disability Insurance (if a state has it), all of which are paid by the employee; unemployment is almost always paid by the employer. Currently, only Alaska, New Jersey and Pennsylvania have unemployment paid by the employee. 

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Independent Contractors | Best Practices | PRESENTED BY Prof360

You Need A Handbook For Your Independent Contractors

Having a handbook for independent contractors will set your organization apart from their other clients. It will also save you time and frustration. In this article, you will learn what to put in a contractor handbook.

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OpEd | Academic Affairs | PRESENTED BY Prof360

A Digital Transformation in Education: COVID-19 Accelerating Progress

When the tide completely turns, however, educational institutions can make rapid adaptations. COVID-19, the pandemic that sent everyone home to quarantine, created a monumental shift in the educational landscape. Digital products that had been around for years awaiting the academic community to catch-up, were ready to fill a void. From pre-K through higher education there is a digital transformation taking place. [This article was featured in EnterpriseTechSuccess magazine]

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Entrepreneurship | Best Practices | PRESENTED BY Prof360

Leadership Lesson From COVID-19: Tough Decisions

It’s not easy to be an effective leader, but effective, strong, and decisive leadership is what is needed when you are entrusted with the health, safety, lives and/or livelihood of others. 

When Gavin Newsom and Jay Inslee (the Governors of California and Washington state respectively) essentially shut down their states, the timing was excellent. The novel coronavirus had already invaded. Citizens were concerned. We had seen what happened in China and it was time for decisive action. While the decisions to send everyone home from work and shut down stores, entertainment, and religious gatherings seemed dramatic, the leadership shown was effective. As days and weeks followed they have been lauded for their actions. It didn’t stop the virus from afflicting the states’ residents but it apparently slowed the curve and magnitude of incidents.

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How to | Part-time Faculty | PRESENTED BY Prof360

How to Get the Most from your ProfHire Profile

ProfHire provides solutions for finding and managing adjunct faculty. We evaluate and recommend candidates to the colleges and universities who then do the interviewing and selecting. If you have good credentials and experience in a field that is in demand, there are things you can do to make it more likely that you will be matched to a desirable job.

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Independent Contractors | Best Practices | PRESENTED BY Prof360

Why and How to Create an Independent Contractor Handbook

Independent contractors, consultants, contract workers, 1099 “employees”, and outsourced staff. All of these are names used to refer to individuals who work for you, but are paid outside of payroll. there are many benefits to having a handbook specifically developed for these independent members of your team.[...]Before you write a handbook for them, let’s make sure the individuals you are paying...

Independent Contractor Handbook

Best Practices | Institutional Leadership | PRESENTED BY Prof360

On Outsourcing Data and Document Organization: Free up time for growth-centric tasks

If you’re an HR professional or a hiring manager at a college or university, chances are you have to deal with a lot of documents. Managing all these files on your own can be a challenge, to put it lightly. Thankfully, there are ways you can manage the vast amount of documents you’re responsible for which can save you time and improve the overall efficiency of your department.

How to | Part-time Faculty | PRESENTED BY Prof360

5 Ways to Get Your First University Teaching Job

Landing your first part-time faculty job in higher education can be challenging, especially if you do not have prior teaching experience. In this article, you will learn some ways to stand out and possibly pick up that first position.

Survey | Institutional Leadership | PRESENTED BY Prof360

Survey: What is one piece of information academic administrators would like

We surveyed 232 academic administrators (deans, program/department chairs, program/department directors) and asked, “What one piece of information about your adjunct or full-time faculty do you wish you had more readily available?” Here are the top five results.

Survey | Human Resources | PRESENTED BY Prof360

Survey Results - Adjunct Onboarding Issues

We surveyed 52 higher education chief human resource officers with one question, "In your experience, what is the biggest pain-point or issue you've experienced when it comes to onboarding part-time faculty?"

OpEd | Institutional Leadership | PRESENTED BY Prof360

Why hiring adjuncts is not producing the anticipated cost savings

Since the early 1990s, the number of part-time (adjunct) faculty began increasing. Higher Education institutions began replacing retiring tenured faculty with non-core adjunct faculty in an attempt to mitigate costs.Today, approximately 50% of faculty teaching in colleges and universities throughout the United States are adjunct.

Best Practices | Institutional Leadership | PRESENTED BY Prof360

Why it is important to consider part-time faculty in academic and administrative decision-making

Part-time faculty are hired at a rate 10 times that of core, tenure, and tenure-track faculty. They account for the majority of hiring and onboarding taking place at most higher education institutions. Yet, when it comes to purchasing new software systems or designing processes for hiring, onboarding, accreditation planning, and assessment, most colleges and universities are still operating in a full-time faculty paradigm.

How to | Part-time Faculty | PRESENTED BY Prof360

ProfHire Recruitment Infographic

How are you recruiting the most qualified and vetted part-time faculty?

Case Study | Academic Affairs | PRESENTED BY Prof360

eContract Case Study

Results of implementing eContract at a private non-profit university with on-campus core and adjunct faculty.

Best Practices | Institutional Leadership | PRESENTED BY Prof360

Online Adjuncts: Employees or Independent Contractors?

If you wonder if you can hire your adjunct faculty as an independent contractor, this article will help clarify some of the mystery surrounding this growing faculty base.

Best Practices | Academic Affairs | PRESENTED BY Prof360

Faculty Credential Management - Five Essential Elements

Maintaining credentials on the academics in your institution is essential. We all know that during certain accreditation visits, accreditors will ask for them. Faculty credentials, however, are often needed multiple times a year by different departments. They are used for grant proposals, evaluation, promotion, recognition, sharing faculty expertise, publicity, student recruitment, and more. Having this documentation and information available when you need it is important; but what does it take to have a good academic credential management system?

Best Practices | Institutional Leadership | PRESENTED BY Prof360

10 Things Colleges & Universities Can Do to Increase the Racial & Ethnic Diversity of Faculty

In this article, you will read ten practices you can implement to increase the diversity of your faculty. 

Although colleges and universities have experienced growing racial and ethnic diversity among its student population, faculty remain majority white. At nearly 10%, Asian Americans make up the second largest demographic group...

Best Practices | Part-time Faculty | PRESENTED BY Prof360

Best Practices for Recruiting Part-time Faculty

Adjunct/part-time faculty now make up more than 50% of the academic employees in higher education. With the increase in online courses, the percentage of part-time instructors is anticipated to continue to rise. Intermittent, part-time, and contingent faculty hires have a huge impact on the student learning experience. Whether your school hires many part-time faculty a year or just a few, there are some strategies and best practices for recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and engaging these contributors.

Brochure | Academic Affairs | PRESENTED BY Prof360

ProfHire Brochure

Hiring through ProfHire

How to | Part-time Faculty | PRESENTED BY Prof360

How to Supplement Part-Time Income: Professor Edition

Ecommerce entrepreneur, Patrick Foster, provides tips and ideas for supplementing your income. If you have multiple part-time faculty positions and need extra income, read Patrick's insights. And check out his blog at Patrick's Blog

How to | Part-time Faculty | PRESENTED BY Prof360

Become a Known Expert

This article will help you make a name for yourself in your field. Being a known expert is one way to increase your opportunities for teaching assignments, speaking engagements, and consulting. In other words, increase your income by increasing your name recognition.

How to | Part-time Faculty | PRESENTED BY Prof360

How to Find a Part-time Faculty Position

This infographic compares the traditional way to find a part-time faculty position vs. the way you find a position through ProfHire.

Best Practices | Part-time Faculty | PRESENTED BY Prof360

Part-time faculty pay demystified.

The pay for part-time faculty varies widely. Did you know that Former CIA Director, General Petraeus made $150,000 teaching a 3-unit course at CUNY ? Or maybe you have heard stories of adjuncts on food stamps , homeless , and dying in poverty . Maybe you teach part-time and wonder if you are being paid a fair salary. Or you are a program director at a university and wonder if you are paying your part-time faculty an amount comparable to other universities.

How to | Human Resources | PRESENTED BY Prof360

Curriculum vitae template

This word document template will make creating your curriculum vitae easy. You won't forget key information.

How to | Human Resources | PRESENTED BY Prof360

Resume vs. curriculum vitae

Is there a difference between a resume and a curriculum vitae?  Is one better than the other when applying for a job in higher education?  What information is required in each?

How to | Part-time Faculty | PRESENTED BY Prof360

Become a part-time professor

This ebook was published to help individuals interested in teaching part-time to learn the basics of how to secure an teaching position online or on a college campus.

Information | Part-time Faculty | PRESENTED BY Prof360

Names given to part-time faculty

Part-time faculty have many names at college and universities. Check out some of those names.

Information | Part-time Faculty | PRESENTED BY Prof360

Myths about teaching part-time

As you enter the field of adjunct faculty, you will hear both positive and negative things about how part-­‐time faculty are treated and respected. In this article, I will debunk the five most common myths.

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